Learn About Our 30-Day Free Trial...

    We offer a 30-day free trial for all of our reputation management services.  It's important to us that you understand exactly what is done during the free trial and what you should expect.  The 30-day free trial is broken up into 3 parts, each of which take approximately 10 days to complete.  Here they are:

    1.  Page Creation - We create around 100 pages across the web that focus on each of your chosen keywords.  These can be anything from social media accounts to search results on various websites.  These are created from a premade list that we use for almost all of our clients.

    2.  Competitor Analysis - After create the 100 pages, we then study the negative reviews that we'll be trying to suppress in the search results.  We do an in-depth analysis of both their on-page and off-page SEO to see what is making them rank so high.  Without doing this, it would be impossible for us to know what has to be done to outrank those websites for your chosen keywords.  This is the most important step that many companies overlook.

    3.  Page Selection - Once we've studied the negative reviews and created our initial 100 pages, we will choose which pages we will be running SEO campaigns on.  We will normally choose between 30-50 pages depending on your campaign.  Some of these pages will be ones that we created and others may ones that were already created - for example, if you have a FaceBook page, we may use that to outrank the negative reviews.

    While this may seem like a ton of research and work to do upfront, it's really crucial to a successful reputation management campaign.  If you don't have strong pages created, analyze your competitors, and carefully select the pages you'll be promoting, then there's a lot that can go wrong.  Any real reputation management company will do everything we listed above during the first month, some even take longer.  But we actually do it all for free!

    After your first month is completed, we start building backlinks to the pages we selected during step 3.  These backlinks will help increase the ranking of those pages until they push down the negative reviews that we're trying to hide.  You do have the option to skip the trial if you want us to start the link building immediately.  It's important to note that we still do all the same research even if you skip the free trial - but we do link building at the same time.

    We want to make it extremely clear to you is that all the same research is still done - but at a much more accelerate pace. This doesn't mean that we will be rushing through it. It means that we will put together a team to work on all the research to have it done within the first 7-10 days. As soon as they are done with the research, they will immediately start building backlinks to the pages we've selected to outrank the negative reviews.

    Why do we offer this option? This is actually one of the most requested features by our reputation management customers. It may be because you've already been outsourcing this work to another company and need us to pick up where they left off, or it could be simply because you need to start seeing results quicker. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to skip the trial, we do provide you with the option to skip it.

Rating: 5 out of 5