Learn About Our 30-Day Free Trial...

    We offer a 30-day free trial of our monthly SEO services! So why did we create a page explaining how our free trial works? Because we love transparency and we want our customers to know exactly what they will be getting! Seriously, that's extremely important to us!

    We want to go ahead and make something completely clear. We ask that you don't signup for our free trial expecting to see results within the first 30 days - that's not how real SEO companies work. During the first month, real SEO companies have a lot more to deal with than building links to your website to improve its ranking. Don't worry, we'll explain this more below and we're sure you'll be impressed - we aren't trying to scare you off.

    During the first month, we do a ton of research and planning for your new SEO campaign. This includes doing keyword research, analyzing your current backlinks, running an on-page analysis, and studying your competitors' strategies. So why do real SEO companies do all of this? Well, the days of creating random backlinks from random websites are long gone. Where your backlinks are created depends on all the research we do.

    In the past SEO companies used to be able to just create backlinks from anywhere to raise the rank of your website. Nowadays you simply can't do that. You have to study where your competitors backlinks and make sure that yours are targeted and based on your niche. If you want to learn more about how our SEO methods work, we have a brief article written that explains what we do. Remember, we like to be totally transparent.

    Doing all of this research takes time and has to be done before backlinks start being created. Here's the difference between us and our competitors: We do all of this for free. Any other SEO firm would make you pay for the first month while they're doing this research - but we don't make you pay for it. We don't want you to. We only want you to pay for the months we're building links to increase your ranking.

    We make sure that all of the research is completed within your first 30 days. After that we work every day to build backlinks to your website and increase your ranking. After your account renews for the first time, you will automatically start receiving daily ranking reports from us. We want you to stay updated on your ranking! Within 2-3 days after your account renews for the first time, we will also setup a white label dashboard that you can also monitor your website's rankings in real-time for all of your keywords. It will show charts that display rank changes and let you view the history.

    So why don't we start sending reports or setup the dashboard until the second month? Well, it's quite simple - there would be no reason to do that. Remember, during the first month we are doing the research so you shouldn't expect much change in your rankings.

    If you would prefer for us to start link building immediately, we offer the option to skip our free trial. And most importantly - remember, we guarantee page one rankings within 6 months! If we fail to get your website to the first page within 6 months, your service becomes 100% free until we do.

    The first thing we want to make extremely clear to you is that all the same research is still done - but at a much more accelerate pace. This doesn't mean that we will be rushing through it. It means that we will put together a team to work on all the research to have it done within the first 7-10 days. As soon as they are done with the research, they will immediately start building backlinks to increase the ranking of your website.

    Why do we offer this option? This is actually one of the most requested features by our SEO customers. It may be because you've already been outsourcing this work to another company and need us to pick up where they left off, or it could be simply because you need to get your website to the top a bit quicker. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to skip the trial, we do provide you with the option to skip - it if that's what you prefer.

    If you choose to skip the free trial, you will start receiving daily ranking reports within 3 days after signing up and we will also setup your real-time rank tracking dashboard. With the free trial you don't get these until the second month. And most importantly - remember, we guarantee page one rankings within 6 months! If we fail to get your website to the first page of Google within 6 months, your service becomes 100% free until we do.

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